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There are numerous trekking routes to venture upon this high land and it is known as the 'Great Himalaya Trails.' It is an immense trail system that covers areas of Nepal from Humla and Darchula which lies in the west to Kanchenjunga in the east.

Trekking in Nepal is found to be completely different than that of mid 1960s. Only a few trekkers visited Nepal as a part of expedition group. But now, situation has completely changed and with the facility of accommodation with food and lodging facilities, trekkers from all around the world are encouraged to visit our country.

The three major trekking areas and the easily accessible ones are Langtang, Everest and the Annapurna regions. Amongst three, Annapurna and Langtang have an advantage as they can be reached through road connections. The Great Himalaya Trails has substantial amount of information on other hiking regions which can be easily accessible on domestic flights. Kanchenjunga, Dolpo, Makalu and Far West are some grounds covered by flights. However, this is just the starting of the journey and it takes several days of trekking to reach higher mountain areas from the local centers of population and administration.

Domestic flights usually occur early morning and two domestic flights are required to reach the starting destination of the trek. The popular trek areas in Everest, Manaslu, Annapurna and Kanchenjunga are able to provide lodge with better accommodation. Similarly, the west of Annapurna is the less visited trekking route and they may not have proper lodging facility; but they most definitely have camping style trek support.

Mustang trek has become of the most popular and common trekking destination among the visitors and travelers. It is famous for international as well as national tourists. Mustang Trekking is a superb trekking route in the Western Nepal as it takes tourists to the hinterlands of the western region of Nepal. Previously, Mustang Trekking was restricted for expedition and the land was alienated from the travelers. But now, it is be swarming with visitors and has become a major tourist hub.

Along with this, Manaslu Circuit Trek is another famous trekking route. It has successfully attracted the intended tourists and adventure seekers. Many come here for the purpose of hiking and trekking. They get full experience of the serene beauty of high lands. Nepal has captured the imagination of the entire world with its unsurpassed beauty.

The southern areas of Nepal are usually preferred to trek as they receive higher level of precipitation. We can find climate variations as some routes along the Great Himalaya Trails lie in the rain shadow. These dry lands on the north fall on the leeward side of mountains. The places that fall under it are Mustang to the north of Annapurna with Manaslu and Dolpo to the north of Dhaulagiri.

Post monsoon season can be a great time for trekking as the weather tends to be clearer. Winter can be good but the trekkers have a disadvantage as this season has shorter days. Spring season can also be affected by the seasonal rain and snow storms. Summer season does not last long and it is quickly followed by the monsoon season. Thus, no season is perfect for trekking purpose and the trekkers have to make though decision about which kind of season is most desirable for them.

  • Here are few of the refreshment activities that you can try on the Himalayas:
    1. Yoga and meditation – As dramatic as it sounds to climb to the top for meditation; yoga is a stress reliever and you can relax peacefully in a calm environment.
    2. Indulge yourself with nature – Flora and fauna found in abundance in the mountains and you can carry your camera and explore this rich land. Who knows, you may even stumble upon a Yeti! You can immerse yourself in the lakes, rivers and lowest gorges.
    3. Mountain biking - You may want to test your physical limit by taking a mountain bike up to the high lands. As the trail is diverse, you can bike on a clean bumpy road to bumpy rough trails. You will enjoy delightful greenery and elevated mountains in the backdrop.
    4. Everest Skydive?! – As crazy as it sounds, you can have the best spine chilling adventure with the combination of the highest peak of the world and mind blowing sport of skydiving. You can get view of the Everest region with stupendous mountain views and the Sherpa settlement below makes this experience a lifetime achievement.
    5. Take mountain flights – You can choose to fly close to the Himalayas to get an unbelievable scenic view of this tremendous chain of snow covered mountains.
    6. Shopping! – Who does not like doing good old shopping? Astounding handicrafts items of excellent craftsmanship are found in the Himalayas. You can get souvenirs for you and your loved ones. Items like thangkas, pashmina, carpets, jewelry, prayer wheels, stone carvings etc. has great cultural significance.
    7. Faith healing – You can explore the mysticism of the animalistic of Himalayan culture. The process involves honoring the earth and respecting the spirit which is believed to reside in all of us.
    8. Mingle with the locals – Nepalese are considered to be the friendliest of the lot and you can always socialize with them. You can feel their optimism, simple yet powerful spirit and get a taste of their genuine warmth. A simple gesture of 'Namaste' can lead to great friendships with unforgettable memories.

The trekkers can be enthusiastic about the idea of solo trek with their own schedule and convenience. But do you want to risk the unknown and get stranded in a situation with a major storm, temperature of at possibly 5,000 m and zero visibility? Thus if you want to avoid the risk, it is advisable to you travel with a group of trekkers for support and guidance.


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