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Siris Maharjan

Trying new food at places and stations you hadn’t previously tried is an adventure in itself. It is exciting, interesting, satisfying and well its food! Nepal has a lot of eateries (khaja ghar, bhatti, restaurants) around every corner of almost every city. Each with their own style and taste even in ridiculously same dishes and that in itself is the charm that is held.

Apart from all the different eateries, the street-food scene in Nepal is equally exciting and astounding. If you’re ever travelling around the valley and away, make sure to try as many different stalls as you can. The delicacies of the street food in Nepal is already a common delight for the people of the country, but let’s see what street foods never fail to catch the eye.

  1. Precious Mo:Mo
    This isn’t a surprise, is it? Mo;mos are hands down the most popular eats in the country. You can find them anywhere and I mean ANYWHERE! This fast food can be found in many stalls set up around different locations and if you’re ever on a food hunt, I doubt you would miss this. The charm is in the achaar that compliments the mo:mos and adds a whole new dimension to the taste. Put simply, you couldn’t possibly pass on an opportunity to try this dish.

  2. Pani Puri and Chatpate
    Pani puris are already famous. Like the beloved mo:mo this treat needs no introduction. Maybe the most popular street food, pani puri and chatpate can be found in all the major places that you can think of and the best part is that the guys that sell them tend to move from one place to the next, almost like ice cream trucks in the Western world. The spice brings everyone towards it and it doesn’t really fail to bring fun moments.

  3. Bara, Malpuwa and Aloo Chops
    If you are moving around Patan or through any Newar community, bara and malpuwas are very popular. While bara is a savoury treat which is majorly eaten during festivals and celebrations, it has since become flexible as a street treat as well. Malpuwas go the sweet-savoury way and are wonderful treats to satisfy your sweet tooth. Aloo Chops are impressively popular fast food, amusingly as early morning treats to some. The thin potato patties rolled around in batter and deep-fried is a much-loved treat indeed.

  4. Samosa
    Samosas are already a popular treat in India and in Nepal. This popular treat can be found even in the most aloof courtyards you can think of. Like all the dishes in this list, samosas can taste different depending on the place that you have it in, so its a mystery what kind of new taste you might get to indulge in.

  5. Lassi
    The Narayan Chowk lassi grows in popularity every single day. If you are making your way through the capital on a humid day, chances are you are going to stop for a sweet, cold glass of lassi. A nice glass of lassi can be the perfect end to your food tour if you have been trying out new tastes in the valley.


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