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 As college students living in the city area with limited amount pocket money, we usually look around for booming 'stick food house' enterprises for our foodie adventures. Our country is culturally rich in local cuisines and while walking across the streets of Baneshwor, Nakhipot, Jhamsikhel and Mangal bazar the culture is reflected on the spicy and delicious stick foods delicacies served with a traditional touch.

However, we aren't the only ones who enjoy these mouthwatering dishes. People of all ages, with family and friends come to enjoy the delicacies. Along with the dish, the blend of spicy Achaar motivates people to come regularly for stick foods like we do!

As college students, we are famished with hunger after long and dire lectures. The best option for us is to visit a stick food restaurant for the easy, convenient and fast food service. Also, sipping cold drinks makes the food even more appetizing!

We can see the popularity of stick foods in recent years and many carts and moving stalls are surrounded by people especially during the evenings. We don't even have to look far as the local stick food stalls are found at the corner of almost every street. It's always a joy when you stumble upon the flavorful and exciting food choices.

Similarly, in our hunger hunt adventures, we usually end up going to the N.P.P food service located near Damkal road between Pulchowk and Jawalakhel. My friend who is a fellow N.P.P enthusiast says, 'They serve great food at reasonable prices. The food is mouthwatering and very quick service. Another best thing about the place is the sauce. When the spicy and non-spicy Achaar (Sauce) are mixed with the food, it is absolutely yummy.'

Another acquaintance of mine however has a contradicting opinion, 'Though there is a downside to consuming stick foods as a little stomach ache is a possibility as it's a 'gastronomical delicacies'. But I don't mind the price I pay as long as I can eat tempting and delightful dishes.'

Other famous stick food houses of the valley are:

1.       Little Kathmandu Stick Food, Mid Baneshwor

2.       Bajra Chinese Stick Food & Burger House, New Road

3.       Chinese Stick Food & Cafe, Naxal

And if you want to spice up your taste buds while truly embracing the local life of the valley, here are some of the must have stick foods:


Spicy and moist Aloo (Potatoes) is one of the most enjoyed delicacies of our country. Aloo is loved by both the vegetarians and non-vegetarians. This stick food is found mainly in the streets of Kathmandu and Lalitpur. The most common and popular vegetable is an absolute favorite of both children and adults. Aloo never fails to be in the diet of any Nepali.


The blend of crispy and soft mushroom with flavorful masala is the best experience of having this dish at a stick food house.


Tofu can be the most enjoyed delicacy for the vegetarians. This savory and crunchy dish with spices is loved and is a favorite of stick food lovers.


Meat items like sausages on a stick have always been the preferable dish amongst the Nepalese crowd. It is the go-to snack for any occasion. The thought of fried and spicy sausages with 'masala' in itself is a mouth- watering experience.

Text By: Aasma Aryal & Photographed by Suraj Patrabansha


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