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Fagun Purnima also known as Holi is a festival marking the end of winter and coming of spring and summer. Back in the days when phones and the internet didn’t exist, a ling bamboo lingo decorated with clothes of various colors (Chir) is erected a few days before the day of the festival. This tradition is still continued in Basantapur Durbar Square. Mythologically the festival revolves around the legend of the demon king Hiranya Kashyapu who commanded his sister Holika to kill Pralhad who was the son of the demon king and a devout follower of Lord Bishnu. He commanded her to take Pralhad in her lap and sit on a fire, which Hiranya Kashyapu believed would have stopped Pralhad from chanting the name of Lord Vishnu. Holika had been given a boon by Lord Vishuy that she can never be burnt by fire; and it was thought that she would not be harmed. But as the fire raged, Holika was caught in the flames and she started to burn while Pralhad remained unharmed and came out of the fire chanting the name of Lord Vishnu. The boon given by the Lord didn’t save her because; Lord Vishnu had warned her that if she misused the gift it would not protect her. Thus as a symbol of victory of good over evil, the day Pralhad walked out of the fire is celebrated. Marking this legend the lingo, erected in Basantapur is pulled down on the after Falgun Purnima and the clothes (Chir) is burned marking the burning of Holika in the fire. There are also numerous other legends associated with the celebration of the festival such as of Lord Krishna and Draupadi, Lord Krishna and Yashodha and the legend of Dhundi and King Raghu. In Nepal, the festival of Holi is normally celebrated in two consecutive days, where on the first day Holi is celebrated in the Hilly Region and on the second by the people of Terai. Celebrated on the last full moon of the lunar calendar, it is a celebration welcoming the season of spring and a farewell to winter. Holi heartens the brotherhood feeling in society and is an occasion for all members of the family and friends to get together and exchange greetings. The festival of Holi has no religious, ethnic bounds and is celebrated in unity, symbolized by various colors exchanged and greetings of "Happy Holi." The festival has evolved into a day of avid celebrations with essences of the core religious value. Individuals visiting Nepal can experience the magical colors of Holi throughout Nepal. The most popular mass celebration of Holi is done in Basantapur Durbar Square, which on the day is filled with revelers, music and colors.


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